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Caller ID Announcement (Number Announce)

This announcement service will inform you of the details of the last five calls you have received: phone number of the caller and the date/time of the call.

  • If you lift the receiver, dial 136 and follow the voice prompts, you will hear the last five callers' numbers and the date and time of the calls. When caller information is not given, the reason will be announced.
  • If you wish to call one of the numbers, follow the prompts and enter 3 for automatic redial (when the caller chooses to have their number given out).
  • You can use this service with your current phone.
  • Telephone number announcements will not be made and numbers cannot be called back for calls made through some telecom-munications carriers (including mobile phone carriers and IP phone carriers), from numbers that cannot be given out such as numbers for international calls (exceptions apply), and calls from public phones or numbers programmed not to display caller ID.
  Telephone Line Monthly Charge Installation Charge
Residential Business
Caller ID Announcement Analog ¥300 ¥2,000 / line
Caller ID Announcement subscriber

What are Display/Block Number Settings?

Display Number
Your number will be displayed. If you choose to block your number for specific calls, enter 184 before dialing, and it will not be displayed for that call.

Block Number
Your number will not be displayed. If you choose to display your number for specific calls, enter 186 before dialing, and it will be displayed for that call.

  • When calling from an analog line, dial 184 or 186 and listen for the beep before entering the number you wish to call. (There is no beep for calls from INS-Net lines.)
  • Please apply to NTT East to change display/block method.
  • Subscribers with Multi-Line Hunt Main Number Display, Specific Number Display, and DID Optional Number Display functions can display the specific numbers.
  • Prices shown are not inclusive of tax.