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Off-the-Phone Notification (Aitara Oshirase 159)

Your phone will ring and an announcement will inform you when the person you are trying to call has finished using their phone. No application is required to use this service.

  • If the number you call is busy, hang up the phone and immediately dial 159 followed by 1 to register for this service. And then your phone will ring and an announcement will inform you when the person you are trying to call is off the phone.
  • Once you have heard the announcement, hang up the phone and dial 159 followed by 3 to call the person you were trying to reach. (Dialing charges apply.)


  • ¥30 per announcement (no monthly charge).
  • No installation charge applies.
  • This service is not available when the number you are trying to call is an INS-Net number, toll-free number (Free Access or Free Dial*), mobile phone, PHS number, or IP phone number.
    • *Provided by NTT Communications Corporation.
  • Registration may not be possible for numbers with a large volume of calls such as ticket reservations etc.
  • Usage charges will apply from the moment 159 followed by 1 is dialed.
  • Usage charges will still apply in the following situations: the person you are trying to reach does not finish their call within 45 minutes; you did not answer the Off-the-Phone Notification; or the registration is canceled. If the number is still busy after 45 minutes, you will only be notified once, and then the service will finish.
  • The total usage charges for the month will be billed on the monthly bill along with dialing charges etc.
  • Please contact NTT East for more information on how to use this service.
  • Price shown is not inclusive of tax.
Off-the-Phone Notification
  • Dial 159 + 9 to cancel the notification registration.
    Usage charge for registration still applies even if the registration is canceled later.