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New Telephone Service

How to apply

Please call NTT East Information at 0120-116-000 (toll free) to apply for telephone service. Telephone installation will take place only after full payment of subscription fees etc. has been received.

Items Necessary for Application

(1) Application Fees (for each line)

(As of April 1, 2014)

  Analog (Kanyu Denwa) Analog Lite Plan(Kanyu Denwa Lite Plan)
Contract fee \800 \800
Subscription fee \36,000 -
  • A \2,000 installation charge applies in addition to the above charges for Analog Lite Plan.
  • Further installation charges apply if internal wiring, telephone sets, etc. need to be installed.
  • These charges are non-refundable even after the subscription is canceled.
  • Analog Lite Plan has a basic contract period (one month). Even if you use Analog Lite Plan for less than one month, you will be charged for a full month's line service on your bill.
  • Prices shown are not inclusive of tax.

(2) Valid Official Identification

Individual Certificate of Alien Registration etc.
(Alien Registration Card)
Company Certified Copy of Commercial Registration etc.
  • Japanese nationals should contact NTT East for more details.

Telephone Installation Charge

The installation charge depends on the type of installation necessary.

  • The telephone line setup charge does not apply for new applications for Analog, but the charge does apply for new applications for Analog Lite Plan only. Please note that charges may vary depending on the installation conditions.
  • An internal wiring installation charge may not be required if internal wiring is already installed.
  • The terminal equipment installation charge applies to install or move terminals such as home telephones, business telephones, and fax machines.

Type of Use (Business/Residential)

There are two kinds of telephone usage: business and residential. The line service charge differs according to the telephone usage type. NTT East will determine the conditions for Business or Residential Use. (Please see Line Service Charge.)

Business Use

Business Use

  • The subscriber is not an individual.
  • The telephone line is used at a company, shop, office, etc.
  • The telephone number is listed in a telephone directory under a company name or a name other than that of an individual.

Residential Use

Residential Use

  • The subscriber is an individual, and the telephone is used at a residence.
  • When you wish to change the type of telephone usage, please call 0120-116-000.

Notification of Caller ID and Caller Name

You can choose to have your phone number (caller ID) displayed or blocked for each call. You must apply to NTT East to have your name displayed with Caller Name Display. For more information, please see Display/Block Number Settings.

Telephone Directory Listings(in Japanese only)

Hello Page is a directory of business and residential listings. TOWNPAGE is a business directory. Both include names, telephone numbers, and addresses.

  1. (1)Telephone Directory Listings
    You can be listed in the Telephone Directory under the name of your choice, but the name or title must be one that you normally use.
  2. (2)Additional Listings
    NTT East provides one telephone directory listing free of charge for each telephone subscription. If additional listings are requested, you will be charged \500 per listing. When new directory editions are published, NTT East automatically includes previously requested additional listings for \500 per listing. Please contact NTT East to cancel additional listings.
  3. (3)Unlisted Numbers
    At your request, your number will not to be listed. Please call 0120-116-000 to change the listing.
  4. (4)The information you provide will be registered in the Directory Information Database System, and will be provided to telecommunications carriers and other companies if requested only for the purposes of publishing a Telephone Directory or providing Directory Assistance.
  • Prices shown are not inclusive of tax.