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Anonymous Call Rejection (Number Request)

This is an optional service to be used with Caller ID Display or Caller ID Announcement. A pre-recorded announcement will ask any callers who have chosen to stop their numbers from being displayed to remove the block and try calling again.

  • With this service, an announcement will play and the called party's phone will not ring. The caller must pay dialing charges during the announcement.
  • When this service is used with an INS-Net line, the communications equipment must support functions to make settings to activate and deactivate service (stimulus protocol procedure).
  • This service can be used at any time after you have programmed your telephone set. (This function is not activated at the time of subscription.)
  • The announcement will not play and calls will be connected from telephone numbers for calls made through some telecommunications carriers (including mobile phone carriers and IP phone carriers) and numbers that cannot be displayed, such as numbers for international calls (exceptions apply), and telephone numbers for calls from public phones.
  Telephone Line Monthly Charge Installation Charge
Residential Business
Anonymous Call Rejection Analog etc. ¥200 ¥400 ¥2,000 / line
(¥1,000 when installed at the same time as Caller ID Display or Caller ID Announcement.)
INS-Net 64 ¥200 ¥400
INS-Net 1500 ¥2,000
  • Prices shown are not inclusive of tax.