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Ichirittsu is a monthly discount option, offering lower rates for in-prefecture calls/data communications regardless of distance. There are two plans to choose from to suit your needs.

Options and Charges

  with MYLINE PLUS registration
Service Ichirittsu Plan 1 Ichirittsu Plan 2
Monthly Charge - ¥100/line
Dialing Charge Local
(within same area)
¥8.5 for up to every 3 min. ¥7.5 for up to every 3 min.
Applicable Lines Analog, Analog Lite Plan, INS-Net 64, INS-Net 64 Lite
Applicable Calls/Data
In-prefecture calls/data communications
(any time, any day)
Sign-up Fee, Installation Charge -
  • If you have not signed up for MYLINE PLUS with NTT East, Plan 1 is available at ¥200/line and Plan 2 at ¥300/line.
  • Prices shown are not inclusive of tax.