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Nuisance Call Blocking (Meiwaku Denwa Okotowari)

By programming the telephone immediately after a nuisance call, you can block future calls from the same telephone number. They will hear the following recorded announcement in Japanese, "Kochira wa xx-xxxx-xxxx desu. Kono denwa wa ouke dekimasen. Goryosho kudasai." (This is xx-xxxx-xxxx. We're sorry, but your call cannot be connected.) "xx-xxxx-xxxx" is the telephone number of the subscriber for this service.

Programming Procedures

  1. 1Hang up the telephone after the nuisance call.
  2. 2Pick up the receiver and dial 144 and then 2.
  3. 3You will hear an announcement in Japanese. "Toroku wo kanryo shimashita" (programming has been completed).


Nuisance Call Blocking Service 6
(For up to six telephone numbers)

Monthly charge ¥600
Installation charge ¥2,000

Nuisance Call Blocking Service 30
(For up to thirty telephone numbers)

Monthly charge ¥700
Installation charge ¥2,000
  • This service is available upon request to subscribers who wish to avoid nuisance calls.
  • This service may not be available for calls made through telecommunications carriers other than NTT East.
  • The caller must pay dialing charges during the announcement.
  • NTT East is absolved of responsibility for any losses etc. resulting from the announcements of this service.
  • You cannot block calls from numbers for calls made through some telecommunications carriers (including mobile phone carriers and IP phone carriers) and from numbers that cannot be displayed such as numbers for international calls (exceptions apply).
  • For more information, call 0120-116-000 (toll free).
  • Prices shown are not inclusive of tax.