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Directory Assistance - 104

You can inquire for a listed telephone number by dialing 104 and stating the name and address of the number you require.


Daytime and Evening
(8 a.m.-11 p.m.)
One inquiry per month ¥60/number
Two or more inquiries per month First inquiry ¥60/number
Second and subsequent inquiries ¥90/number
Late Night (11 p.m.- 8 a.m.) ¥150/number
  • Directory inquiries made using a public telephone are ¥100(incl. tax) per number regardless of when you call or how many inquiries you make.
  • This service may not be available from private pay phones (PinkDenwa).
  • Prices shown are not inclusive of tax.

Free Directory Assistance (Fureai Annai)

Directory assistance is available free of charge for customers with either a government-issued Identification Booklet for the Physically Handicapped or War Injury and Sickness Certification and have a disability specified by NTT East, or for customers with a government-issued Identification Booklet for the Mentally Challenged (also referred to as Aigo Techo, Ai no Techo or Midori no Techo) or Welfare Booklet for Mental Illness. Prior registration is required for this service. For further details, please call 0120-104-174 (toll free, in Japanese only).

Even If You're Not Listed in the Telephone Directory...

Your telephone number can be provided from 104 Directory Assistance to those who request it even if the number is not listed in the Telephone Directory. For further details, please call 0120-116-000 (toll free).