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Caller ID Display (Number Display)

Caller ID Display service shows the telephone number of the caller on the display before you answer the phone.

Caller ID Display
  • To use Caller ID Display, you need to subscribe for this service and install and set up a compatible telephone or adapter.
  • Telephone numbers are not displayed for calls made through some telecommunications carriers (including mobile phone carriers and IP phone carriers), for international calls (exceptions apply) and other calls that cannot display telephone numbers, and calls from public phones. Instead, you will see the reasons* why they are blocked on the telephone set display.
    • *表示圏外(Out of area),公衆電話(Public phone), etc.
  • If the caller has specifically requested to block their telephone number by subscribing for Block Number, or has dialed 184 before your telephone number, the telephone number will not be displayed. You will see 非通知(Caller has blocked information) etc. on your telephone set.
  • If you receive a call from an IP phone, the telephone number may be blocked. The reason* for the number being blocked differs depending on the IP phone carrier. Also, you may not be able to call back by dialing the phone number shown on your telephone set.
    • *非通知(Caller has blocked information), 表示圏外(Out of area), etc.
  Telephone Line Monthly Charge Installation Charge
Residential Business
Caller ID Display Analog etc. ¥400 ¥1,200 ¥2,000 / line
INS-Net 64* ¥600 ¥1,800
INS-Net 1500* ¥18,000
  • *ISDN subscribers are required to apply for Caller ID Display to have phone numbers from analog lines displayed or to have reasons why they are not displayed shown.

Information Displayed

The following details are shown depending on whether or not the caller has their number set to be displayed.

Caller ID Display Status Information Displayed on the Called Party's Telephone Set (examples)
Call with number displayed Call from a phone using an analog or INS-Net line e.g. 0312345678
e.g. 0312345678
Call with number blocked Call from a phone using an analog or INS-Net line 非通知 , ヒツウチ, or P
(Caller has blocked information)
Call from a public phone Normal call 公衆電話 , コウシュウデンワ, or C
(Public phone)
Call with information blocked (184 + called party's phone number) 非通知 , ヒツウチ, or P
(Caller has blocked information)
International call and other calls where telephone number cannot be displayed 表示圏外 , ヒョウジケンガイ, O, or S
(Out of area)
  • *The information displayed may differ depending on the type of communications equipment.
  • Prices shown are not inclusive of tax.