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Temporary Suspension of Telephone Service

NTT East can temporarily suspend your telephone service at your request. Please choose from either of the following.

  • NTT East does not buy back telephone subscription rights after telephone services are canceled.
  • Dial 0120-116-000 (toll free) for information on procedures.
Type I (Ichiji Chudan)
The telephone number will not be changed during the suspension period. Basic monthly charges will apply.
(e.g. During major home improvement )
Type II (Riyo Kyushi)
The telephone number will be changed when the line is reconnected. Basic monthly charges will not apply during the suspension period. You may request for your telephone service to be suspended for up to five years. If you do not notify NTT East of your intention to resume service or to continue suspension after the five years have passed, the subscription right will be canceled after another five years.
  • Not available for telephone lines under Analog Lite Plan.

Bill payment after phone is suspended

After you suspend your telephone service (Type II), one or two bills may be issued for charges up until the time it is actually disconnected. If you are paying by automatic bank transfer and you have chosen to close your bank account before the final telephone bill, please settle the amounts due using the bar-coded NTT East bill.