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How to Apply

Please call 0120-116-000 (toll free) to apply for relocation after your new address and moving date have been decided. Applications are also accepted at NTT East service counters.

Apply Early

Telephone relocation is arranged by appointment. Apply early so that a convenient installation date can be arranged.

When you relocate, the date your line is reconnected must be within one month of disconnection. If more than a month passes by and NTT East is unable to contact you, installation cannot take place and the line will be suspended according to the procedures described Temporary Suspension of Telephone Service.

  • Telephone line suspension (Type II) is not available for telephone lines under Analog Lite Plan.

Details Required

  • Current telephone number
  • Name of subscriber
  • Current address and new installation address
  • Address of subscriber (if different from installation address)
  • Requested dates for disconnection and reconnection
  • Please reapply for Itemized Report service at an NTT East/West service counter in your new location.

Simultaneous Use Up to Seven Days

It is possible to have telephone service at both your old and new addresses for up to seven days. Please request this service when applying for relocation.

  • This service is available if the old and new telephone numbers are different.

New Number Announcement Service

NTT East provides a recorded announcement service (in Japanese only) on request to notify callers of your new number. This service is free of charge and lasts for about three months. Please request this service when applying for relocation.

Bill Payment after Relocation

Depending on the billing schedule, one or two bills for your old telephone number may be issued after relocation. If you are paying by automatic bank transfer and you have chosen to close your bank account before the final telephone bill, please settle the amounts due using the bar-coded NTT East bill.