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FAQ / Disaster Emergency Message Dial (171)

Frequently Asked Questions

QCan the service be used even when there is no disaster?
A"Practice Days" are provided to enable people to practice using Disaster Emergency Message Dial (171) even when no disaster has occurred. Please use these opportunities to practice using the service with your family, relatives and friends.
[ Practice Days ]
  • The first and the 15th every month (00:00 - 24:00)
  • First three days of the new year (00:00 January 1 - 24:00 January 3)
  • Disaster Preparedness Week (9:00 August 30 - 17:00 September 5)
  • Disaster Preparedness and Volunteer Week (9:00 January 15 - 17:00 January 21)
  • Note 1:Practice is not possible when a disaster has actually occurred.
  • Note 2:Practice may start earlier due to service reasons.
  • Note 3:Just as for actual use in a disaster, there are no charges for calls made through the NTT East/NTT West telephone service to record and play back messages during practice. Regarding charges for calls placed from fixed, mobile or PHS phones of other telecommunications carriers, please inquire with the respective telecommunications carrier.
  • *The charges are regular telephone call charges.
  • *There is no extra charge for recording or playing back messages.