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Operation Precautions / Disaster Emergency Message Dial(171)

  1. 1 The numbers that can be registered with Disaster Emergency Message Dial service are fixed telephone, mobile phone, PHS, and IP telephone numbers in a disaster-stricken area. Even when entering a fixed telephone number in a disaster-stricken area, be sure to include the area code.
    • * If a fixed telephone number from outside the disaster-stricken area is entered, the following announcement is played: "The service cannot be used with telephone numbers from outside the disaster-stricken area. Please use with the telephone number of a person from the disaster-stricken area."
  2. 2The total number of messages that can be used is 8 million, but in order to ensure that most people from the disaster-stricken area can use the service, the number of storable messages will vary according to the area in which the disaster occurred. (Per telephone number (1 to 20 messages))
  3. 3 When Disaster Emergency Message Dial service is provided, information such as how to use the service and the message registration area will be announced over the television and radio. In addition, Disaster Emergency Message Dial information will be provided within the Busy Messages that are given when it is difficult to make telephone calls. In the disaster-stricken area, there will also be special measures, such as leaflets supplied to the evacuation centers that explain how to operate the service.
  4. 4 If you live in the disaster-stricken area, please take responsibility for yourself and send a message describing your safety.
  5. 5 To be prepared for an unforeseen emergency, we recommend that you practice how to use the service in advance with your family or friends.