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Participation in Society

NTT East lives and breathes as an integral part of society, growing along with it and working together to create a better future.

Business Endeavors AbroadContributing to national communications infrastructure in Asia and elsewhere

NTT East is actively working to provide telecommunications services overseas. Drawing on the advanced technological capabilities accumulated in the course of providing communications services in Japan, we are helping countries like Vietnam and Indonesia to expand their telephone networks and to maintain, operate, and administer their telecommunications facilities. With an eye to the broader world, we plan on continuing to build cutting-edge communications infrastructure that meets the demands of the multimedia age.

International CooperationPromoting IT in developing nations through technological and human assistance

As our contribution to development assistance efforts by the Japanese government, NTT East has been carrying out international cooperation in the telecommunications field for more than 40 years. By sending our engineers and transferring technologies to countries in need of assistance and accepting trainees from those countries, we help them improve network quality, to extend telephone service to all areas, and to build up their own supply of skilled personnel. In return, we have received numerous commendations and certificates of appreciation from both the assisted nations and the Japanese government.

Contributions to SocietyA variety of on-going company-wide efforts to enrich our society

At NTT East, we are strongly committed to the notion of corporations as members of society. In that spirit, we always strive to be a "good corporate citizen," contributing to society actively in a variety of ways. As part and parcel of the local community, we share the same feelings and grow along with the community, working to create a better future. Our role as a "good corporate citizen" is fulfilled through the continuance of such activities, which are carried out around themes common to NTT East as well as themes specific to local communities.

Environmental ProtectionCaring for the earth based on a Global Environmental Charter and Basic Program for Global Environmental Protection Measures

Based on the NTT East Global Environmental Charter, which sets out our basic concepts and policies for protecting the environment, we promote company-wide conservation initiatives that improve daily life and culture. In addition, under the Basic Program for Global Environmental Protection Measures, action plans are being carried out to meet specific ecological goals by 2010, such as reducing virgin pulp consumption, preventing global warming, and cutting waste volume.

Sports PromotionSupporting a diversity of sports and helping to raise top athletes

One way NTT East contributes to society is through active promotion of sports. Our baseball and badminton teams, for example, compete at the national level. In local communities, we run sports classrooms for youngsters and workshops for instructors. We promote the spread of triathlon competitions, and sponsor a professional football team (J2 Omiya Ardija). Through these and other efforts to boost sports, we are trying to be corporate citizens with close ties to the local community.

Cultural ActivitiesSupporting cultural activities toward creation of new communications culture

Another way NTT East is rooted in the local community is through our active support for cultural activities. In the Communications Museum, visitors can see the history of telecommunications and technological progress. The NHK Symphony Orchestra concerts presented by the NTT Group are enjoyed throughout Japan. The NTT InterCommunication Center is an innovative museum of the future. These are a few examples of NTT East involvement in cultural activities.