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Paying Your Telephone Bill

Please use automatic bank transfers to pay your telephone charges. You will no longer need to actually go and pay your bill, or worry about missing due dates.

Automatic Bank Transfer

NTT East will transfer the total amount due from the designated bank account on the due date. For automatic bank transfer, please fill out an application form (which requires the seal or signature you used to open your bank account), and take it to your banking institution, post office, or an NTT East service counter.

If you apply for @Billing, you can receive your bank transfer notice, receipt, charges breakdown, and itemized bill on the Web, instead of by post.

  • Until your application is processed, it is necessary for you to pay the bill sent by post in person.
  • The amount which appears on the NTT East bill consists of charges for telephone services, telegram services, telephone directory advertising, NTT East products, etc. The following may also be included in the amount: lease payments, installment payments, DIAL Q2 information charges, etc.
  • If NTT East cannot transfer the amount of the bill due to insufficient funds, a second attempt at transfer will be made ten days later. (Exceptions may apply for some banking institutions.)