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Billing Schedule

Accounting Periods and Dates of Issue

The accounting periods for basic monthly charges and dialing charges have been divided into the six groups shown below.

  • When the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, it will become the next business day.
  • The accounting periods for TELE-HODAI etc. are the same as the above periods for dialing charges. The accounting period is the time from the day after the meter reading for the previous month's charges to the meter-reading date for the current month's charges.
  • The amount which appears on the NTT East bill consists of charges for telephone services, telegram services, telephone directory advertising, NTT East products, etc. The following may also be included in the amount: lease payments, installment payments, DIAL Q2 information charges, etc.

Bill Delivery

If you are paying by automatic bank transfer, you will receive a receipt for the payment of the previous month along with a notice for a bank transfer for the current month. If you pay in person, bills will be sent to you at least ten days before the due date.