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Procurement Activities

Procurement Activities of NTT East

NTT EAST will :

  1. strive to provide competitive opportunities with fairness to both domestic and foreign suppliers, and to build mutual trust and understanding.
  2. conduct economically rational procurement of competitive goods and services that meet its business needs, deciding suppliers based on quality, price, delivery times and stable supply in a comprehensive manner.
  3. conduct procurement in a manner that follows laws and regulations as well as social norms, and takes the environment, human rights and other issues into account to contribute to society.


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Tendering Information

Overview of contracts with Requests for Tender.

Procurement Procedure

Introduction to our Procurement Policy, classification of procurement procedures, and types of procurement products.

How to obtain Documents

An overview of procurement method instructions and details on procurement documentation distribution.

Product Introductions

Overview of the scheme regarding supplier product introductions.

Contact Us

Procurement activity contact information.


International procurement announcements and notices.

Value Analysis

An overview of our VA program.

CSR Procurement and Environmental Activities

Our CSR procurement initiatives, as well as the fundamental principles and practices of our environmental policy.