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Procurement Procedure

Procurement Objectives

While pursuing our aim to strengthen our corporate competitiveness and to meet the demands of today's rapidly advancing information and communications fields, NTT EAST is making every effort to increase management efficiency and to provide superior services to our customers. To realize these goals, we have adopted an open, competitive approach to procurement that leads to the economical purchase of highly competitive, premium-quality products from throughout the world.

Procurement Policies

NTT EAST will :

  1. strive to provide competitive opportunities with fairness to both domestic and foreign suppliers, and to build mutual trust and understanding.
  2. conduct economically rational procurement of competitive goods and services that meet its business needs, deciding suppliers based on quality, price, delivery times and stable supply in a comprehensive manner.
  3. conduct procurement in a manner that follows laws and regulations as well as social norms, and takes the environment, human rights and other issues into account to contribute to society.

Area served by NTT EAST: Niigata, Nagano, Yamanashi and Kanagawa Prefectures, and all other prefecture to the east and northeast. NTT WEST:Other Areas

NTT EAST(Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation) provides telecom services to eastern and northern Japan. Our corporate headquarters are located in Tokyo. Our aim is to develop even more advanced telecom services that meet our customers' expectations, using innovative technology from around the world and the R&D results of NTT (Holding Company).

Procurement Information

For the convenience of suppliers, NTT EAST provides information regarding our procurement practices in our Internet homepage.

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Contact Points for More Information on Procurement
NTT EAST's International Procurement Section offers information and guidance on procurement, and receives complaints.