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How to obtain Documents

Distribution of Procurement documentation and other documents

Suppliers wishing to join a procurement project can receive a copy of procurement documentation and other documents. Such documents are distributed by this home page or the contact point. Documents regarding some procurement projects are distributed only on this home page. Therefore check the information of the procurement project you are interested in.

Distribution on the home page


For some projects, electronic document files (in the Portable Document Format, or PDF) are available by downloading online from this home page. Before you can download any file online, you must make a "pre-registration" as described below.

Once a procurement project is notified and the Request for Proposal is launched, you can download a document online. Downloading is possible until the closing date for the procurement project involved.

Files for some procurement projects are unavailable by online downloading.


Suppliers wishing to download a document file online ("applicants") must make a "pre-registration."

  1. (1)Applying for pre-registration
    1. 1)Those who wish to make applications are requested to accept to the terms of service provided in the downloadable file below, prepare the necessary number of copies of the following documents required for pre-registration, and submit them by post or by hand to the international procurement section shown below.
      • Application for corporate account 1 copies
      • Oath of Confidentiality 1 copies
      • Corporate profile 1 copies
        (corporate brochures, annual reports, etc.)

      As for "Application for Corporate Account" and "Oath of Confidentiality," (ZIP file format:files of PDF and MS-Word), please download the forms here and fill out all the items that must be filled out.


      • In the field for the person responsible on the "Oath of Confidentiality," the person who can take responsibility for the confidentiality provisions specified must make a signature and affix a seal.
    2. 2)The pre-registration documents that you will have filed will be received and then examined. We will inform you of any item that needs clarification or any missing document.
    3. 3)Accepted individual information is used only in procurement related business of our company in accordance with our "Privacy Policy". Please refer to the following URL for our "Privacy Policy".

    Destination of pre-registration documents

    (Note) Applicant must send all documents to a contact point you like.

    International Procurement Section
    Procurement and Supply Center
    Nippon Telephone and Telegraph East Corporation
    NTT EAST Head Office Bldg.
    3-19-2 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
    Tokyo 163-8019 Japan

  2. (2)Issuance of "corporate account" and "corporate password"
    1. 1)After examining your pre-registration documents, we will issue a "corporate account" and "corporate password" reserved for the applicant and which he or she will need in online downloading.
    2. 2)Your "corporate account" and "corporate password" will be e-mailed to the mail address specified in your Application for Corporate Account.


    • Your "corporate account" and "corporate password" will be effective for one year after their issuance. If you wish to extend your effective period after your account expires, you must make a pre-registration again.
    • Please store the "corporate account" and "corporate password" issued to you with care not to lose them. Please control them well to prevent their accidental transfer to a third party.
3.Issuance of a document password

Before online downloading, a "document password" will be issued on the home page. You must get a "document password" for every procurement project as follows:

  1. 1)On the page for the project involved, click the button that says "Download of the Procurement Documentation."
  2. 2)Enter your "corporate account" and "corporate password."
  3. 3)When our computer confirms that the "corporate account" and "corporate password" you have just entered are valid, it will e-mail the "document password" for the procurement project to the mail address you specified.


  • A "document password" is issued only once for each procurement project for security reasons.
  • If a "document password" is not normally issued, your "corporate account" and "corporate password" may have been stolen and used. Please contact the online downloading representative at the destination of your pre-registration documents.
4.Downloading documents online
  1. 1)Press the button that says "Download the Procurement Manual" at the top of the page for the procurement project involved.
  2. 2)Enter your "corporate account" and "document password."
  3. 3)When our computer confirms that the "corporate account" and "document password" you have just entered are valid, it will display the list of files for the procurement manual for that project.
  4. 4)elect the necessary files, then download them. Downloaded files will be in the PDF format developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated from the home page of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
  5. 5)To open a file, enter your "document password" again.


  • If you are using an operating system or other system where you cannot use Japanese, and if a PDF file is not properly displayed in a font when opened, download Asia Font Back (Japanese font) from the home page of Adobe Systems Incoporated. Then install it.
    (Note) Adobe and Acrobat are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incoporated.

Distribution at the contact point

Find the List of Procurement Projects and click the procurement project you wish to view. The details of that project will then pop up. The site specified in the "Contact point" for information regarding that project distributes related documents.

Different departments function as contacts depending on the project you are interested in.
Please check which department is the contact for the procurement project involved.

Alteration of registered items

Procedure for changing registered account information Suppliers that have obtained their corporate account and wish to change registered information within the effective period of their account should follow the instructions below.

  • Change of company name

    The same procedure as a new registration is required.
    Refer to 2. (1) "Applying for pre-registration " and take the necessary procedure.

  • Change of other than company name

    Log into the system and make changes as needed. (Changes are reflected after approval.)