News Release

March 28, 2008

NTT East to Launch FLET'S Hikari Next
and Other Next-Generation Network Commercial Services

-   In addition to its existing lineup of best-effort IP communication services, NTT East will utilize the next-generation network ("NGN") to launch new optical broadband services, including FLET'S Hikari Next, which offers bandwidth guaranteed application services.
-   In the field of wide-area Ethernet services, our services previously had been limited to intra-prefecture communication, but we will now offer a new Ethernet communication service that fully supports both intra- and inter-prefecture communication. This service is called Business Ethernet Wide.
-   Our goal in offering these services is to meet a range of increasingly diversifying needs of customers, allowing a greater number of customers to use optical broadband services free of worry and with enhanced convenience.

1. New Services
(1) Optical broadband services
-   FLET'S Hikari Next (see Exhibit 1 for details)

(2) Optical telephony services
-   Hikari Denwa (see Exhibit 2 for details)
-   Hikari Denwa Office Type (see Exhibit 2 for details)

(3) Security services
-   FLET'S Virus Clear v6 (see Exhibit 3 for details)

(4) Services for corporate customers
-   Business Ether Wide (see Exhibit 4 for details)
-   FLET'S VPN Gate (see Exhibit 5 for details)

(5) Services for content providers
-   FLET'S Cast (see Exhibit 6 for details)
-   Services for digital terrestrial television IP retransmitting companies (see Exhibit 7 for details)

2. Launch Date
Starting 9:00 a.m., Monday March 31, 2008, applications will be accepted and service will commence.

3. "FLET'S Bacchiri Otoku (Great Savings) Campaign"
FLET'S Bacchiri Otoku Campaign is applicable for applications made from Monday, March 31, 2008. (see Exhibit 8 for details)

4. Network Opening
Please see Exhibit 9 for the interface conditions for using of the NGN.

* The fee schedules in the exhibits show total amounts for service and installation, including tax. However, customers using multiple services and customers having multiple installations performed simultaneously may see invoiced amounts that differ from what they may have calculated.

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