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(Attachment)Profit and Loss Statement (Outline)

[Accounting Unit: Category I Designated Facilities Management Business]

(Unit: Billion)

[Accounting Unit: Category I Designated Facilities Usage Business]

(Unit: Billion)

  • (Note 1) All figures rounded down to nearest 0.1 billion.
  • (Note 2) "General Category I Designated Facilities" refers to: facilities that relate to the functions set forth in the Category I Designated Telecommunications Facilities Interconnection Charge Rules (Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Order No. 64 of 2000), Article 4, Subsection 2 (limited to terminal router switching functions and general accommodation router priority packet identification functions), Subsection 5 (limited to gateway router switching functions), Subsection 5-2, Subsection 6-2 (limited to general relay router switching and transmission functions), Subsection 6-3, and Subsection 9; and general Category I designated routers other than the subject facilities etc. set forth in Article 4 of the Interconnection Charge Rules, and facilities ancillary thereto.