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3. Damage and restoration status of NTT Communications Corporation ("NTT Com")

(1) Current status of communication facilities

Due to the earthquake, the relay network and other networks in the Tohoku region were damaged, affecting telephone and Internet connection services. However, this is gradually recovering as NTT Com has restored its facilities and has been using other backup cable routes. Meanwhile, services remain unavailable where access lines and customers' facilities, etc. have been affected.

Regarding corporate data communication services, such as IP-VPN and e-VLAN, a maximum of approximately 15,000 circuits in the Tohoku region were not available, but the relay network is now restored. Due to damaged access lines and customers' facilities, etc., however, approximately 1,600 circuits are yet to be restored as of March 28.

Submarine cables connecting Japan with the United States and other parts of Asia have been partially*damaged, but NTT Com has been using other backup cable routes to maintain uninterrupted services, and there is currently no impact on its overseas communication services (overseas data communication service, overseas internet, etc.).

The data centers were not affected.

  • *Damaged submarine cables (sections)
    Japan-US (Japan ~ U.S.), APCN2 (Japan ~ China/Korea), China-US (Japan ~ U.S.), PC-1 (Japan ~ U.S.)

(2) Organization for restoration, etc.

Immediately after the earthquake struck, NTT Com established a Disaster Countermeasures Office in its headquarters office, thus creating an organizational structure capable of close collaboration 24-hours-a-day. The Disaster Countermeasure Office then commenced efforts to understand the extent and nature of the damage and initiate restoration.

A team of approximately 600 people was formed to handle the restoration efforts.

(3) Efforts to support the affected people

Waiver of charges For customers who were actually unable to use services due to the earthquake, basic charges, fixed-rate charges, additional service charges, and other charges will be waived for the periods when the services were not available.
Free provision of services to companies/groups that support the affected people Cloud-based hosting "Biz Hosting", Twitter/Facebook client "CoTweet" and Internet content distribution service "Smart Content Delivery" will be provided for free.
Free provision of public wireless LAN service "HOTSPOT™" and "OCN Hotspot" will be provided for free.
Cooperation with free Internet connection stations at evacuation shelters Internet connection service "OCN" will be provided at free Internet connection stations provided by NTT East at evacuation shelters.
Acceptance of donations through OCN Collection of donations started through "OCN Pay ON" and "Pointalk Program" to support those affected by the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake.