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[Attachment 3] Optional services available with “FLET’S Hikari LIGHT”

  • -FLET’S Virus Clear1
  • -Remote Support Service1
  • -FLET’S Market1
  • -Hikari Denwa
  • -FLET’S TEREBI Transmission Service2
  • -FLET’S Session Plus3
  • -Set Up Service3
  • -Home Visit Support Service3
  • -24-hour On-site Repair Option3


  • 1Regardless of the actual communication volume generated, a communication volume of 40 MB/month, 10 MB/month and 20 MB/month is added to FLET’S Virus Clear, Remote Support Service and FLET’S Market, respectively, until further notice.
  • 2Separate broadcast subscription, usage and other fees will be required to use this service.
  • 3The communication charges incurred during the use of these services are subject to billing.
  • *Separate subscriptions are required to use the optional services.