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(Reference)Profit and Loss, Adjusted to Reflect the Impact of the Special Profit and Loss on Disaster from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Designated Telecommunications Services Profit and Loss Statement,Impact of Special Profit and Loss

Accounting Unit: Category I Designated Facilities Usage Business,Impact of Special Profit and Loss

  • (Note1) All figures rounded down to nearest 0.1 billion yen.
  • (Note2) "General Category I Designated Facilities" refers to facilities that relate to, from among the functions set forth in the Interconnection Charge Rules (Ministry of Posts and Telecommuncations Order No. 64 of 2000), Article 4, Table 6-2, general router connection routing and transmission functions, general relay router connection routing and transmission functions, and interconnection gateway switch connection routing and transmission functions; facilities relating to those functions set forth in Table 6-3 of the same article; and those facilities relating to session control provided in conjunction with SIP servers.
  • (Note3) The impact of the special profit and loss on disaster shows the impact on profit and loss in a case where, of the amount recorded as special loss on disaster and reversal of special loss on disaster in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012, the portion that is allocated to the telecommunications business is included in operating expenses.