(Attachment 2)

Principal Interconnecting Charges for Leased Circuits

(Monthly Amount)
CategoryInterconnecting ChargesUser Charges (Leased Interconnection Circuit)
Exclusive Transmission Function / Subscriber Line Transmission FunctionOrdinary Leased Circuits3.4 kHz11,496 yen12,000 yen
Voice Transmission11,496 yen10,000 yen
High Speed Digital Circuits64 kb/s31,006 yen54,000 yen
1.5 Mb/s173,880 yen326,000 yen
ATM Circuits10 Mb/s322,504 yen401,800 yen
Subscriber Line Transmission FunctionIP Routing Network connection leased line Service128 kb/s8,722 yen8,900 yen
Interoffice Transmission FunctionFor Exclusive Use24 lines
(equivalent to 1.5 Mb/s)
108,682 yen---

Note: Distance units for ordinary leased circuits, high-speed digital circuits (normal class), ATM circuits (normal class), and interoffice transmission function (for exclusive use) are up to 10 km within MA.