Table 1

Principal Services Plan for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2000

Type of ServicePlan

Voice Transmission Services
Subscriber Telephones
  Additional Installations-1.03 million subscribers
  Relocations3.21 million subscribers

Social-Welfare Telephones (Silver Phones)

+700 units

IC Card Public Telephones

+30,000 units
INS-Net Digital Services
  INS-Net 64 Subscriber Lines+877,000 circuits
  INS-Net 1500 Subscriber Lines+7,000 circuits

Leased Circuit Services *
  Conventional Leased Circuits+36,000 circuits
  High-Speed Digital Transmission Circuits+117,000 circuits

Note: *These figures include the impact of the division of inter-prefecture leased-circuit services into inter-prefecture and intra-prefecture services with the reorganization of NTT.