Subscriber Telephones:
NTT East stands ready to respond speedily to all demand for subscriber telephones, including the relocation of existing lines. The total number of subscribers is projected to reach 27.66 million by the end of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2000.
ItemPlanned Number
Additional Installations
-1.03 million subscribers
3.21 million subscribers

Social-Welfare Telephones:
The progress of social welfare has generated various new demands for telecommunication services. To respond to welfare-related needs, NTT East shall promote the installation of its "Silver Phones series" (Anshin [Relief], Meiryo [Clearness], Hibiki [Sound], Fureai [Communication]) and other welfare-oriented products.
ItemPlanned Number
Silver Phones 
Anshin (Relief)+500 units
Meiryo (Clearness)+100 units

Public Telephones:
NTT East shall promote the installation of IC-card operated public telephones. It shall also continue to promote the installation of social welfare public telephones with a volume adjustment function and public telephone boxes that can be used by people in wheelchairs in order to improve social welfare facilities and public services.
ItemPlanned Number
IC-Card Operated Public Telephones+30,000 units
Public Telephones with Voice Adjustment Function+30,000 units

INS-Net Digital Services:
INS-Net digital services are now available in all areas with potential demand. The total number of INS-Net 64 subscriber lines and INS-Net subscriber 1500 lines are projected to reach approximately 3,293,000 circuits and 39,000 circuits, respectively, by the end of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2000.
ItemPlanned Number
INS-Net 64 Subscriber Lines
+877,000 circuits
INS-Net 1500 Subscriber Line
+7,000 circuits

Facilities for leased circuit services are scheduled to be installed actively to respond to demands, including those for high-speed digital transmission services, and voice and image transmission services.
ItemPlanned Number*
Conventional Leased Circuits
+36,000 circuits
High-Speed Digital Transmission Circuits
+117,000 circuits
Note: *These figures include the impact of the division of inter-prefecture leased-circuit services into inter-prefecture and intra-prefecture services with the reorganization of NTT.