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November 5, 2004

Outline of the New Subscription Fees

Based on the report from the Telecommunications Council of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and after considering the potential ramifications, NTT East has decided to reduce the subscription fee and corresponding Lite Plan* fees as follows.
* The Lite Plan allows new telephone service subscribers to pay the subscription fee over several months as part of the basic monthly fee.

1. Price Reduction
(1) Subscription fee
(1) Subscription fee
Note: For subscriber fee reductions on other services, see the attachments.

(2) Lite Plan Fee
(2) Lite Plan Fee
Note: Lite Plan basic fee (line use fee) is added to the usual monthly fee for subscriber telephone service.

2. Implementation Schedule
This change will take effect from March 1, 2005, to give sufficient prior notice to our customers while coming into force before the peak new-subscriber season in the spring, when many working people are transferred and the new school year starts.

3. Conclusion
Moving forward, we will continue to keep our customers informed in order to gain their understanding, monitor the trends in the subscriber rights resale market, and keep track of changes in related systems.

- Attachment Subscriber Fee Reduction on Services other than Subscriber Telephone Service and INS-Net 64
- (Attachment) About the New Subscription Fees

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