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November 22, 2002

FLET'SADSL Service Offered at Lower Rates

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT East) is pleased to announce a further rate reduction for FLET'SADSL* high-speed Internet access service. In response to customer desires for even more economical Internet access, the new rates go into effect Sunday, December 1, and apply to ADSL services that share Internet access with analog telephone service on the same line (shared-line service). Notification of the new rates was made today to the Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications.

As the broadband Internet infrastructure is put into place throughout Japan, NTT East will continue working to make the service more accessible and gain more widespread adoption by customers.

* Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

1. Monthly Rates for Shared-Line Service

  New rates Existing
FLET'SADSL MORE 2,700 yen 3,200 yen
FLET'SADSL 8M Type 2,650 yen 3,100 yen
FLET'SADSL 1.5M Type 2,600 yen 2,900 yen
* The charges shown are in addition to the basic monthly connection charge for analog service. Use of the line for analog telephone services is subject to the usual dialup charges.
* The use of these services requires, in addition to the monthly charges above, payment of contract and installation charges, Internet service provider (ISP) fees, and other such charges.
* There are no changes in contract and installation charges, equipment usage charges, and premises wiring usage charges.
* The rates for services using a dedicated ADSL line (separate from the telephone line) remain unchanged.

See the attachment for the full list of services and rates.

2. Date of Effect

The new rates are in effect as of Sunday, December 1, 2002.

3. Application and Inquiries

(1) By Internet (Japanese Only)
The following information can be found on the above Web site.

Description of FLET'SADSL service.

List of Internet service providers that can be accessed using this service (updated as needed)

Service area and expansion plans (updated as needed)

(2) By telephone
Phone. : 116 (no prefix)
Hours : 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. year around, except during the turn-of-the-year holiday period.

- Attachment Rates for FLET'SADSL Services after December 1, 2002

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