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September 3, 2001

Launch of "Business Type" B-FLET'S High Throughput Menu

NTT East and NTT West announced today that they have notified the Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications of Japan of rates for "Business Type" B-FLET'S. Slated to start on November 1, 2001, the new service is expected to stimulate demand from business users.

Since August 1, 2001, the two companies have offered three types --' Basic Type', 'Mansion(Condominium) Type' and 'Family Type'-- of "B-FLET'S," a high-throughput, flat-rate Internet access service via fiber-optic subscriber lines.

1. Outline of Services

B-FLET'S is a "Best-Effort" network service offering subscribers access to their contracted Internet Service Providers (ISPs) through the NTT East and NTT West regional IP network of fiber-optic subscriber lines.

Business Type B-FLET'S will join the existing three types, ' Basic Type', 'Mansion Type' and 'Family Type', which serve SOHO and mass users, in providing higher throughput service.

Note: a cap will be placed on the number of terminals allowed for all types of B-FLET'S, to assure users of maximum fairness and comfort.

2. Features

(1) A "Best-Effort" network service*1 by which subscribers can access their ISPs at connection speeds of up to 100 Mbps through fiber-optic subscriber lines.


Actual throughput will vary and depends on network conditions and other factors. NTT East and NTT West cannot guarantee the speed of the service.


A standard LAN interface (100 Base-TX and 10 Base-T) will be used. The PPPoE*2 protocol will apply in the selection of ISPs.


PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet): PPP is a popular protocol utilized for the authentication of user IDs and passwords during establishing dial-up connections. The PPPoE protocol build PPP sessions and encapsulate PPP packets over Ethernet.

3. Service Options

With the addition of "Business Type," the following four service options will be available.

Service Options
*1 Connection from "Business Type" B-FLET'S to "FLET'S Office," a service for businesses, will be made available with the launch of "Business Type."
*2 "Number of sessions simultaneously connected" refers to the maximum number of PPP sessions that can be developed through a single Ethernet session.

4. Conceptual scenario for B-FLET'S

Conceptual scenario for B-FLET'S

5. Service Charges

(1) Monthly charges

Monthly charges


ISP service fees are not included.
*2 Necessary when a building's local cluster optical fiber cable is installed by NTT East or NTT West.

(2) Initial cost

<1> Contract fee800 yen

<2> Installation fee

Initial cost


The installation fee listed here is to be used only as a guideline for estimating the cost of a standard installation. Actual charges will vary, depending on the specific work required.

6. Service Areas

The new service will be available in the same areas as the other three types. Please see Supplement 1 for area expansion plans (name of area and timetable) on our website.
Due to equipment considerations, service may not be available in your area. Installation may require a certain amount of time from the date of application.

7. Application Procedures

(1) Starting date for acceptance of service applications

October 1, 2001


Commencement of service

November 1, 2001


An upper limit on the number of terminal connections will be applied to the other three types of B-FLET'S service beginning September 10, 2001.

8. Applications and Inquiries

Please see Supplement 1

- Supplement 1-1 Applications and Inquiries (NTT East)
- Supplement 1-2 Applications and Inquiries (NTT West)

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