News Release

December 18, 2000

Announcement of Special Discount Services for Schools

NTT East and NTT West have been considering that the expansion of Internet connections in schools is an increasingly important factor in the training of the next generation of citizens for the coming century. Furthermore, in order to respond to needs from various related sectors, we have decided to provide a special discount pricing service for schools (hereafter "Special Discount Service for Schools") as one of our services for continuous connection to the Internet which will last for a fixed period of 3 years. Today we submitted applications with the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications of these services.
The outline of the services is as follows:

1. Services and charges
1. Services and charges
Note 1: The fee for Digital Access is for up to 15km. Refer to the separate enclosed document for fees for communications that exceed this distance.
Note 2: The Fiber-optic IP connection Service (trial service) has been announced today to start provision of an experimental service from December 26, 2000.
Note 3: The FLET'SADSL services will start accepting applications from December 26, 2000 (planned) and will start operation as soon as the preparations for the service are completed.

2. Conditions for providing the service
The Services will only be provided for lines at schools belonging to the following schools or user (prefecture, city, etc.) sites.
- Primary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools, special education schools and universities
- Other schools not included in the above categorizations (independent schools for foreigners, etc.) that have been approved by NTT.
Other conditions for providing the service will be the same as providing services for normal fees.
* Even in cases where the school already has a contract for this service, it is necessary to apply for this Special Discount for Schools Service.

3. Duration of provision of service
The service will be provided according to the following schedule.
- Digital Access
Will begin provision of the service from January 1, 2001.
- Fiber-optic IP Connection Service (trial service), FLET'SADSL
Will start services as soon as the preparations for the service are completed
(scheduled for the January 1, 2001).

- (Appendix) Special digital access service fees for schools (distance-based fee table)

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