News Release

June 30, 2000

Mid-term Account Balance Projections for
NTT East and NTT West

−Revisions Based on Closing Figures for FY1999−

In light of the closing figures for FY1999, we have revised in the following document the mid-term account balance projections (FY2000-FY2002) originally incorporated in our Mid-term Restructuring Plan, released in autumn last year.

- (Attachment) NTT East and NTT West Account Balance Projections
(Revisions Based on Closing Figures for FY1999)
- Main Differences between Closing Figures for FY1999 (July 1999 to March 2000) and Estimated Results
- Breakdown of Revenues (NTT East)
- Breakdown of Revenues (NTT West)
- Breakdown of Expenses (NTT East)
- Breakdown of Expenses (NTT West)
- Basic Figures in the Mid-term Account Balance Projections
- Revenue Trends of Main Regional Services (NTT East + NTT West)
- GC Switch Traffic Trends

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