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February 18, 2000

Revision of Terms for Providing IP Connection Service

Since November 1999, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT East) and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation (NTT West) have been providing, on a trial basis for a one-year period, the IP Connection Service: a completely fixed-charge service for unlimited use of telecommunication for connecting INS-Net (ISDN circuit) to the Internet. Based upon customers' usage of the service to date, the terms for providing the service are to be revised as follows.

1. Reduction of Charges

(Per Bch)
Current Revised
Monthly usage charge 8,000 yen 4,500 yen
Note: When the service is used, the following usage charges must be paid in addition to the monthly charge.

(1) Engineering charge
Basic charge 1,000 yen (per job)
Switch, etc., charge 1,000 yen (per Bch)

(2) INS-Net standing charge (monthly)
When telecommunications are used other than for this service, normal INS-Net telecommunications charges are payable.

(3) Usage charges of Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Please note that it will not be necessary for customers currently using the service to follow any new procedures.

2. Expansion of Service Areas

The service areas will be expanded as follows.
Current After expansion
NTT East Shinjuku, Ota, & Shibuya wards in Tokyo Tokyo: All 23 wards
NTT West Chuo, Kita wards & Suita city in Osaka All urban municipalities in Osaka Prefecture

3. Addition of New Menu in Housing Installations

Services in a new format linked with ISP networks will be provided in buildings in which installations (ISM) for housing customer circuits are situated.

(Per Bch)
Monthly usage charge (fixed) 2,900 yen
Note: As in 1. above, other charges such as engineering charges and the charges of ISPs are payable separately when the service is used.

4. Timing of Introduction

May 2000 (Planned)
Note: The start of services by ISPs in this format is a prerequisite for the new menu.
The start of acceptance of contacts from customers on this matter is planned be around the middle of April 2000.

5. Other Matters

Based upon the close monitoring of matters such as demand trends and state of traffic following this reduction of charges and expansion of service area, the introduction of a full-fledged service will be studied.

- Diagram of Fixed-Charge Service

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