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Are you faced with the following issues?

Service features of FLET'S VPN WIDE

Four main advantages

  1. Wide range of optional services
  2. Peace of mind with high levels of security
  3. Installation and operation at low cost
  4. Connect to offices easily

Sign up with low charges

Prices begin at ¥1,800 (Excluding tax) per office *1
Set up different types of networks with combinations of optional services.

  • *1:A separate FLET'S Access Services charge is required.

Combine with Guarantee-type Network for a smooth network experience!

Connect to the NTT WEST area with FLET'S HIKARI NEXT!

This homepage displays the total charge excluding tax for each service. However, customers subscribing to multiple services may find that the charges they have calculated themselves and the amount of actual invoices are different.