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Mega Data Netz

Mega Data Netz uses ATM technology to enable flexible development of Intranets and Extranets with economic charges and a diverse lineup. By combining the access lines which can provide performance up to 42Mbit/s, with the Mega Data Netz network service lineup, selected from the PVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit) menu which provides a maximum of 10Mbit/s, flexible network development is made possible.

Mega Data Netz Network

Access Lines

Access lines can be selected from 3Mbit/s to 42Mbit/s, in units of 3Mbit/s. Items can be selected according to the menu used on the Mega Data Netz network.

  • *The items of access lines must be at least the total items (guaranteed speed) of each menu used on the Mega Data Netz network.
Item 3Mbit/s 6Mbit/s 9Mbit/s 12Mbit/s 15Mbit/s 18Mbit/s 21Mbit/s
24Mbit/s 27Mbit/s 30Mbit/s 33Mbit/s 36Mbit/s 39Mbit/s 42Mbit/s

Mega Data Netz Network

Clients can choose between two menus: PVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit) Menu which is suited to an end-to-end fixed communication format. There are also two types within each group, the speed-guaranteed type and the partially speed-guaranteed type (10% guarantee and 50% guarantee).

arrowPVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit) Menu

Item 64kbit/s 128kbit/s 192kbit/s 256kbit/s 384kbit/s 0.5Mbit/s 1Mbit/s 2Mbit/s

1Speed-guaranteed type

2Partially speed-quaranteed type

[ Legend ]
Maximum speed
Guaranteed speed 50% Guaranteed speed 10%
Maximum speed 0.5Mbit/s 1Mbit/s 2Mbit/s 3Mbit/s
Guaranteed speed 0.3Mbit/s 0.1Mbit/s 0.5Mbit/s 0.1Mbit/s 1Mbit/s 0.2Mbit/s 1.5Mbit/s 0.3Mbit/s
Maximum speed 4Mbit/s 5Mbit/s 6Mbit/s 7Mbit/s
Guaranteed speed 2Mbit/s 0.4Mbit/s 2.5Mbit/s 0.5Mbit/s 3Mbit/s 0.6Mbit/s 3.5Mbit/s 0.7Mbit/s
Maximum speed 8Mbit/s 9Mbit/s 10Mbit/s
Guaranteed speed 4Mbit/s 0.8Mbit/s 4.5Mbit/s 0.9Mbit/s 5Mbit/s 1Mbit/s

Maintenance System with Safety

Fault support, fault repair and recovery is carried out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Cautions for Usage

  1. ATM equipment to be connected
    Because Mega Data Netz is a VC service, the ATM equipment connected requires a VC shaping function.
  2. Recommended Communication Protocols
    On Mega Data Netz, the use of communication protocols which have a resend control function, such as TCP/IP, is recommended.(For PVC of partially speed-guaranteed type)
  • *VC shaping function: A function that adjusts the interval between outgoing cells on the ATM equipment side in VC units for carrying out transmission at the set speed (VC: Virtual Channel)


arrowPVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit) Menu

A menu for center-to-end communications in which one host forms the center. The permanent virtual circuit can be used in Intranets centering on a mainframe or a Web server.

  • *The PVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit) menu must be adjusted for each site.

PVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit) Menu

Speed-guaranteed Type

This type provides a 100% guarantee of the contracted speed. It is best suited to real-time applications in which large volumes of information such as voice communication or image communication are handled between head office and branch offices, and its performance is equivalent to specialist service.

Partially Speed-guaranteed Type

With Mega Data Netz, by selecting a "50% guarantee" or a "10% guarantee" of maximum speed, when the network is running smoothly the maximum speed contracted is guaranteed, and when it is congested the guaranteed bandwidth is assured, so this provides a high cost-performance when using non-real time applications such as e-mail.

Speed-guaranteed Type and Partially Speed-guaranteed Type

Development Examples

Flexibly Accommodating All Network Development at a Reasonable Cost

Creating Host-end Networks Linking Multiple Offices


  • Mega Data Netz's PVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit) provides high-throughput lines at a reasonable cost.
  • Access lines use the optical fiber system, allowing future increases in traffic to be flexibly accommodated.


Key information systems, supply chain management, Extranets, image distribution, music broadcasting distribution, etc.


If speed-guaranteed and partial speed-guaranteed types are used according to traffic characteristics, networks can be installed at an even more reasonable cost.

Creating Host-end Networks Linking Multiple Offices