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Process Followed for Consultations

Process Followed for Consultations


We provide medical assistance in Japanese and English. Speakers of other languages are requested to be accompanied by interpreters.

Cautionary Notices

We do not accept foreign insurance as your payment. If you would like to use any foreign insurance, you are required to pay the hospital first, and later you are to claim the payment by your insurance on your own.


Go to the counter marked REGISTRATION located just inside the main entrance.
Fill out a registration form, in which you provide us with information required for your consultation.
Submit the form to the staff at GENERAL RECEPTION.
Here you will receive your hospital ID card and medical chart.
Go to the section of the outpatient clinic to which you are directed.
Submit your hospital ID card and medical chart to the staff at the section counter.
In return, you will receive a medical questionnaire which you are requested to fill out as accurately and completely as possible so that your doctor can provide appropriate help.
Turn in the questionnaire to the counter staff, and wait in the waiting space until the number on your registered slip appears on the electric bulletin board.
Enter the consultation room when your name is called.
Your doctor will ask you questions, perform a physical examination, and discuss (a treatment plan) with you.
Your doctor may give you an outpatient prescription, which you can have filled at any pharmacy outside the hospital.
After your doctor’s consultation, you may be instructed to go to a laboratory, such as a blood laboratory, EKG room, X-ray Department, etc.
When your doctor has finished talking with you and you have taken all the tests required, go back to the section counter. Make an appointment for your next visit, if needed. Then have the amount of your medical fee determined.
Go to the Automated Cashier Machines located on the first floor and use one of them to pay the medical fee by cash or a credit card.
(Directions for payment are posted on the machines, but if you are not sure how to punch keys, ask the cashier staff for assistance.)
The Automated Cashier Machines may issue a slip for our house dispensary if your prescription needs to be filled at the hospital.
If you receive such a slip, take it to the house dispensary for your medicine.