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Process Followed for Consultations

Process Followed for Consultations


We provide medical assistance in Japanese and English. Speakers of other languages are requested to be accompanied by interpreters.

Referral letter(This rule is applicable only for residents in Japan)

Before visiting our hospital for the first time, we recommend that you visit your family doctor at clinic nearby and obtain a referral including the medical information.

Highly specialized large-scale hospitals with 500 beds or more have an obligation to promote care coordination between providers in the community, as well as to charge additional fees to patients who have no referral for outpatient consultations

*What is family doctors
Family doctor means regional doctors who will usually accept medical consultation and take care of your daily health condition. Please consult with family doctors about your condition of disease before visiting our hospital for the first time. Family doctor will introduce you to the most appropriate clinical department after evaluating your health condition properly. This is to help make your visit at NTT Medical Center Tokyo more smoothly.

To provide advanced medical care

  1. Our hospital is an acute medical institution providing advanced medical care.
  2. In order to promote functional collaboration and role sharing with local medical institutions, daily common medical care is carried out by the family physician. And for the disease, which is difficult for the family physician, our hospital takes care of the patients by the referral from their family physicians. For medical examinations, we recommend the Early Disease Detection and Prevention(EDDP), so called "Ningen Dock" comprehensive health program.
  3. If the medical condition is stabilized after a daily illness, surgery or treatment, we recommend the physician in charge of the referral to the local medical institution positively. This policy is required from the Japanese government to the hospital. We would like to ask for your understanding of the responsibilities that our hospital should play in the area of role-sharing as an acute-phase clinic, especially in the ultra-aging Society of the future.
  4. Please bring the referral from the family physicians in the case of the revisit patients because the re-treatment and the emergency care with the change of the medical condition after the introduction to the family physician, is appropriately taken care at our hospital. We would like to thank you for your understanding of the inconvenience for patients who have been in our hospital for many years.

About combined medical expense outside of health insurance (Exclusion from health insurance coverage)

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare established a system to classify functions of "regional medical offices and clinics" and "hospitals with 200 beds or more" in order that "initial consultations should be at medical offices and clinics", and "higher level and specialized treatments should be at hospitals."

*Even you have the history of medical consultation in our hospital, you will be charged a special fee for the combined medical care expenses because you are regarded as the first visit; for example, 6-month had passed after your last visit.

What is a first visit

  1. Your first visit at NTT Medical Center Tokyo
  2. Your first visit for dental consultation (*1)
  3. Your first visit at a medical department (*1)
  4. If the person who has been consulted in our hospital is "cured" or is "discontinued" and is newly applied for the first consultation (* 2)

(*1)Dental/Oral Surgery is handled separately from General Consultations under the Health Insurance Law in Japan. We request that you pay a separate special fee for the first consultation for combined medical expense outside of health insurance if you do not have any referral letter from your Dentist.
(*2)if your last visit is beyond 6 months in our hospital, a special fee for the combined medical care expenses as the initial visit.

Cautionary Notices

We do not accept foreign insurance as your payment. If you would like to use any foreign insurance, you are required to pay the hospital first, and later you are to claim the payment by your insurance on your own.