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For foreigners seeking medical examination at this hospital

For foreigners seeking medical examination at this hospital

Request to confirm your residence status certificate (residence card or passport, etc) and health insurance card

We will confirm your certificate of residence status and health insurance card when you apply for a medical examination at the hospital. If we cannot confirm your residence status, we may refuse to perform a medical examination, except for emergencies, in some cases.


  • To confirm your identity by identification card with your photograph, in order to avoid the major incident of misidentifying a patient.
  • As a hospital that is certified for accepting foreign patients, we are obligated to report nationalities and languages that are used.
  • The Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau has requested that we check residence status certificates.

Cautions pertaining to residence status

  1. Those who have residence status should make an appointment and come to the hospital after preparing their health insurance card, residence status certificate, and medical referral letter.
  2. Those who do not have residence status or health insurance card (visiting on business trips, tourism, etc) should be aware that outpatient care at their own expense can be expensive, invoiced at more than ¥100,000 for MRIs, CT scans, etc. If hospitalization or surgery are required, a security payment equivalent to the estimated cost will be required in advance.
  3. A medical stay visa is required for those who visit Japan from abroad to enter the hospital for consultation such as medical treatment or thorough checkup (medical tourism).
    We will refuse to accept those who come to the hospital without a medical stay visa, except for emergencies.
    If you bring documents that require translation on the day of the consultation, you may be charged a separate fee for simple translations.

Issuance of English language examination medical certificate or reference letter, etc

  • The fee issuing English language medical certificate or medical referral letter is 12,000 each (not including tax), in principle.
  • Translations may take longer depending on the content.
  • When the translation volume is greater, there may be additional fees.

* At this time this hospital does not provide translations other than between English and Japanese.

Determination whether or not to provide medical examination to foreigners who hope to visit Japan for treatment

  • Because the number of consultations to determine whether to provide medical examination from overseas is increasing, we have established a fee to be paid prior to giving a response.
  • When visiting the hospital from overseas for the purpose of medical consultation, a medical stay visa is required, and that cannot be obtained by individuals, so we do not accept requests from individuals.
  • The fee for determination whether or not to provide treatment for visitors to Japan for treatment: 30,000 per instance
  • Necessary documents and consultation information document (oral information is not accepted) Items answered
  • Consultation allowed, or disallowed (if disallowed, a simple reason will be given)
  • Type of treatment (outpatient or inpatient)
  • Treatment method (name of treatment, name of surgery, etc)
  • Planned period of time
  • Treatment cost (estimated), etc

*When a decision cannot be made based only on the documents that are sent, and a decision cannot be made without seeing the patient directly, a "conditional consultation approval" will be sent, along with the content and the cost of the examination.
* In any case the estimated fee is just an estimate, and in some cases the actual cost may increase or decrease.