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Early Disease Detection and Prevention(EDDP)
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Course Menu for One-day General Health Checkups

  • Date of examination : Monday - Friday
  • Starting time : 9:00
  • Time required : About 4-5 hours.
  Examination Items
Body measurements Body height/body weight/body fat/blood pressure/eyesight/hearing/abdominal circumference/bone density (women)
Blood test Hematologic values (RBC/WBC/platelets/hemochrome,etc.)
Blood type
Biochemistry (hepatic function/renal function/blood sugar/lipids/uric acid,etc.)
Hepatitis B antigen/antibody, hepatitis C antibody, lues quality
TSH (thyroid stimulation hormone), FT4
Tumor marker (PSA for men and CA125 for women)
Helicobacter pylori bacteria antibody
Urine analysis Specific gravity/PH/sugar/protein/occult blood/settling,etc.
Fecal examination Fecal occult blood (2 times method)
X-ray check Chest X-ray
  Lung helical CT/FAT Scan (visceral fat examination)*1,2
Cardiac function test Cardiac electrogram
Simple lung function test Respiratory volume, etc
Abdominal ultrasonograph Liver, Spleen, Gall Bladder, Kidney, Pancreas,etc
Endoscopy Upper gastrointestinal tract (esophagus/stomach/duodenum)*3
Lacteal gland test Mammography (for women aged 40 and over),
lacteal gland ultrasound test (for women under age 40)
Ophthamological Ocular fundus/intraocular pressure
Gynecological Checkup for cancer of endocervix/ Transvaginal ultrasonograph

Effective as of October 2012


  1. *1) For people under age 40, the lung helical CT/FAT scan (visceral fat examination) and carotid artery ultrasound examination are excluded from the basic course.
  2. *2) FAT scan (visceral fat examination) is intended for examinees of a lung helical CT test.
  3. *3) You can receive an X-ray test instead of an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy.