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Early Disease Detection ahd Prevention(EDDP)

Early Disease Detection and Prevention(EDDP)

EDDP, commonly called “Ningen Dock”in Japan, provide a comprehensive health checkup program in a single day.

The purpose of the Center for Preventive Medicine, is to achieve prevention and early detection of various diseases, including cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and atherosclerotic diseases such as hypertention, dyslipidemia, diabetes mellitus, etc. The Center routinely provides gastrointestinal endoscopy screening and low-dose computed tomography screening, thus enabling early stage detection of gastroesophageal cancer and lung cancer.

The Center is closely linked to the clinical divisions of the Hospital, so that comprehensive medical care, following “Ningen Dock,” could be carried out promptly.

The staff members of the Center are always dedicated to providing cordial, safe, and high quality services for the comprehensive physical checkup. The Center's primary objective lies in assisting all the guests to maintain healthy and happy life.


We make our best effort to provide examinee-oriented health checkups for maintaining your health through prevention, early detection, and early treatment.

Basic Principles

  • Respect of examinee's rights and individuality
  • Provision of safe, highly accurate, and comfortable health checkups
  • Compliance with Personal Information Protection Law
  • Utilization of information technology for health checkups with its findings fed back to the examinees and society
  • Development of health checkups and promotion of collaboration in the local community

Features of “Ningen Dock”

  1. 1) You can obtain appropriate advice through medical checkups from a doctor who specializes in “Ningen Dock.”
  2. 2) People aged 40 and over can receive checkups by lung helical CT/FAT scan (visceral fat examination) and mammography screening (for women only).
  3. 3) Medical checkup data are filed confidentially at the Center by a uniquely-developed system.