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Business Ether WIDE


Considerations related to Business Ether WIDE

  • Customers may have to wait for the service to become available, or the service may not be available at all, depending on the state of equipment and other circumstances, even within the area the service is provided. Please contact NTT EAST for more information.
  • This service provides communication between prefectures within the Eastern Japan area. The area may differ from actual administrative areas.
  • Regular invoices covering usage charges from the 1st day of the month to the last day of the month will be sent at around the 10th of the following month.
  • Installation charges required for communications will be included in the first regular invoice sent after the customer starts using the service.
  • Installation conducted at night time (5p.m. to 8:30a.m. the following day), and on January 1 through 3, and December 29 through 31 requires an extra charge.
  • When used within the NTT EAST exchange building, access line usage charges will be reduced by ¥7,740 (Excluding tax) for Single Access, and ¥14,540 (Excluding tax) for Dual Access.
  • Charges for the month that the customer starts using the service, and the month that they cancel the service, will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.
  • As the invoice charge is calculated based on the charge excluding tax, the actual invoice charge may be different from the amount calculated based on the charge including tax.
  • The basic contract period for this service is one year. If usage charges are reduced due to the customer canceling or changing (change between "inter-prefecture trunk line" ⇔ "intra-zone trunk line") their line within the first year, usage charges for the remaining period will be paid back in a lump sum.
  • If the Long-Term Subscriber service is stopped or the LAN-type communication network service is canceled during the Long-Term Subscriber Discounts (3-year use, 6-year use) contract period, or the initial 2 year contract period for Year-to-Year Discounts, cancellation charges equivalent to 35% of the total amount of discounts for the remaining period will be paid back in a lump sum. Payment of cancellation charges related to Long-Term Subscriber Discounts does not apply for all the following items (1 to 4), and if the customer has submitted an application.
    • 1If the customer migrates to a service with a Long-Term Subscriber Discounts that exceeds the remaining period for Long-Term Subscriber Discounts of the service that has been canceled
    • 2If the number of installation locations after changing services is equal to or exceeds the number before the change
    • 3If all subscriber names are the same
    • 4If the customer has used the service for longer than the period (minimum usage period) of the basic contract.

    Please contact NTT EAST sales staff for more information as the conditions above do not apply to certain services.

  • Discounts do not apply to terminal equipment usage charges and additional function usage charges.
  • If High Usage Charge Discounts is combined with Long-Term Subscriber Discounts or Year-to-Year Discounts, discounts will be calculated on the amount after all discounts apply and before consumption tax is added.
  • Terminal equipment will be installed within the customer's building.
    The installation location and power supply and other equipment used will be supplied by the customer.
  • The service may be temporarily suspended when maintenance of equipment installed within the NTT EAST exchange building is being conducted.
  • Detailed terms and conditions related to this service are based on contract terms and conditions for the LAN-type communication network service.
  • Note that the information listed within this site is subject to change without notice.
  • A separate application is required for Special Discount Plan for Schools.

Considerations related to Business Ether WIDE-compatible Rental CPE

  • Only provided for Business Ether WIDE from NTT EAST.
  • Rental CPE is not provided for communication group lines that extend beyond the NTT EAST area.
  • Only terminals designated by NTT EAST are provided for rental.
  • Only firmware versions designated by NTT EAST are provided. Firmware versions are designated by NTT EAST to make maintenance easier.
  • Contract units for Rental CPE are for each communication group, and application units are for each access line. One unit or two units may be selected for Dual Access Normal Type
  • No SLA has been set for Rental CPE. The SLA for Business Ether WIDE (failure recovery time, uptime, delay time) does not include malfunctions of Rental CPE.
  • The installation location is limited to the same location as the terminal equipment.
  • The length of the cable from the Rental CPE to the terminal equipment is 3 meters. Customers may not use their own cable.
  • There is no minimum period of use.
  • The type of Rental CPE provided is subject to change without notice.
  • Rental CPE settings are limited to those based on the Rental CPE Settings Sheet designated by NTT EAST. To make maintenance easier, details of settings are managed by NTT EAST and not disclosed to customers.
  • Settings and passwords are managed by NTT EAST. Customers are not able to make or change settings.
  • Settings are retained by NTT EAST and are used to provide information on existing settings to customers when changing settings, and to restore settings after malfunctions.
  • If settings need to be changed, submit an application to NTT EAST sales staff.
  • Malfunctions can be repaired 24x7 following an application submitted by the customer. Repair of malfunctions to terminals owned by the customer is not the responsibility of NTT EAST.
  • In general, malfunctions of Rental CPE are repaired to the state of the most recent installation conditions.
  • Detailed terms and conditions related to this service are based on contract terms and conditions for the LAN-type communication network service.
  • An application for Rental CPE must be made for two or more offices for each communication group.
  • Equipment is not available for purchase mid-way through the contract.
  • Active monitoring of malfunctions is not conducted for Rental CPE.
    Business Ether WIDE conducts line monitoring that utilizes Ethernet OAM. However, note that monitoring is conducted only up to the terminal equipment. Use the LAN/WAN Monitor and maintenance contract service for monitoring Rental CPE and LAN equipment owned by the customer.