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Business Ether WIDE

Usage Charges: Initial Charges

Information on Business Ether WIDE initial charges.

Initial Charges

Initial Charges

  • *1:MA (Message Area) refers to an area designated by NTT EAST in which calls can be made at the local call rate.
    Please contact NTT EAST sales staff about the MA of your office.
  • *2:When using Rental CPE
  • *3:When using optional services other than Rental CPE

[All charges exclude tax.]

Category Unit Charges
Contract Charges Per subscriber line group ¥800
1Exchange Installation Charges Access Line Single Access Per subscriber line ¥1,000
Dual Access Per subscriber line ¥2,000
Trunk line (*4) Per trunk line ¥1,000
Optional Subgroup Setting Function Per subscriber line, Per trunk line ¥1,000 (*5)
QoS Control Function Per subscriber line ¥1,000 (*5)
Filtering Setting Function Per subscriber line ¥1,000 (*5)
LAN/WAN Monitor Per subscriber line ¥1,000
2Terminal Equipment Installation Charges Single Per subscriber line ¥21,600
Dual (Normal Type) Per subscriber line ¥43,200
Dual (Selector Type) Per subscriber line ¥37,900
3Rental CPE Installation Charges Initial Installation Charges Per unit ¥15,000
Setting Modification Charges Per unit ¥7,000
Terminal Monitoring Equipment Installation Charges LAN/WAN Monitor Per installation (new installations only), per communication group (subgroup) ¥8,000
Basic Installation Charges When used with installation of 2 and 3 Per installation location ¥4,500
An additional charge of ¥3,500 is added each time the combined installation charges for 2 and 3 exceed ¥29,000 per office.
1Installation only Per installation location ¥1,000
Optional Subgroup Setting Function Per installation ¥1,000 (*5)
QoS Control Function Per installation ¥1,000 (*5)
Filtering Setting Function Per installation ¥1,000 (*5)
LAN/WAN Monitor Per installation, per communication group (subgroup) ¥1,000 (*6)
  • *4:Trunk line refers to intra-prefecture trunk lines, intra-zone trunk lines, inter-prefecture trunk lines, and trunk lines between participating carriers.
  • *5:For installation at the same time as access lines, exchange installation charges and basic installation charges are reduced.
  • *6:LAN/WAN Monitor only requires one installation when there is installation at the same time as multiple access lines.
  • *Installation charges other than those listed above may be incurred depending on line installation conditions.
  • *Installation conducted at night time (5p.m. to 8:30a.m. the following day), and on January 1 through 3, and December 29 through 31 requires an extra charge.
  • *As the invoice charge is calculated based on the charge excluding tax, the actual invoice charge may be different from the amount calculated based on the charge including tax.
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